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 Products  Digital Engine
 Models  DE6200
 Categories  BIOS  Version  R1.00
 File Name  File Size  4820.4KB
 Software Name  N/A
 Descriptions  First Released

  • AFUWIN.EXE/ AFUWIN64.EXE - This is Windows(R) 32/64-bit flash tool to update the BIOS. Usage is:                       AFUWIN  MDA100.ROM  /P /B /N /Reboot (or flash.bat for 32-bit)                        

                         AFUWINx64  MDA100.ROM  /P /B /N /Reboot (or flas.bat for 64-bit)

  • EFIx64 - This is a EFI shell utility to update the BIOS.  Usage is:
                         AFUEFix64.efi MDA100.ROM  /P /B /N /Reboot (or flash.nsh)
  •  OS Support  Win10_32,Win10_64,Windows 7_64,Windows 8
     Released Date  9/4/2018 6:00:00 AM    
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